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Deadly Creatures | Wii | Nintendo Wii | Used Game

Deadly Creatures | Wii | Nintendo Wii | Used Game

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Retro CONSOLE: Nintendo Wii PAL

Packaging QUALITY: Boxed, no manual


Official Description:

In Deadly Creatures, the player alternates between controlling a spider and a scorpion on their quest through a world from their unique viewpoint just above the ground. The game's mysterious story follows two humans, always up above the critters and takes place in the desert and a gas station.

The game is essentially a fighting game, with the Wii-remote and nun-chuck being used for various special moves to defeat the mostly insect foes. During the course of the game, points are earned for defeating enemies, which in turn unlock new moves for both the spider and the scorpion. Each of the animals has its own distinct moves. For example, the spider can shoot webs or jump, while the scorpion uses its deadly sting and digs through holes in the walls. Also, the level design leans heavily on the ability of both creatures to walk along walls.

Within each stage, there are several save points, usually just before a boss fight. Health is replenished by eating grass hoppers. Regular ones only restore a small amount of health, while the rare green ones increase the maximum health of the animal. Grubs can also be found all over the levels, eating a certain number of them gradually unlocks bonus concept art galleries.

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